V/A - Infera Sinfonia (Bruno Cossano Corporation)


Track list:
A1 Merzbow– Susanou (Devil Of The Storm)
A2 If Bwana*– Martinet (Magick Patron)
A3 Le Syndicat– Alastor (Hell's Executioner)
A4 Black Humour*– Abadon (Exterminating Devil)
A5 Mauthausen Orchestra– Raum (Ravaging Devil)
B1 Haters*– Andras (Quarrels Fomenter)
B2 The Sodality– Nybbas (Hell's Pimp)
B3 Pacific 231 (2)– Eurynome (Corpses Devourer)
B4 TV Cherubs– Azrael (Death Angel)
B5 Bruno Cossano– Ambucias (Hell's Music Director)

Note: The original from 1987 is in good shape.

Used Collection #3.