Incapacitants - Live 2000/2023 (cassette)

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INCAPACITANTS' stunning live performances, which seem to be played chaotically with physical action, yet also sound as if they are intricately composed, are certain to galvanize both the spirits and bodies of those in the audience. This is undoubtedly one of the significant reasons they have gained global fame.
Even if structured, the combination of T. Mikawa and F. Kosakai effortlessly transcends the structure with their spectacular performances, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Side A contains recordings of two live performances recorded at Tokyo 20000V in 2000. The performance, accompanied by intense howling and accelerated at extraordinary tension, captures the true essence of INCAPACITANTS.

Side B features live recordings from Soup in 2023, marking a long-awaited return to live performances in Tokyo after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Based on the continuous underlying refrain (I speculate this Tangerine Dream Syndicate-like sound, possibly by F. Kosakai), you can feel the weight of the noise path they have traversed, with mature noise unfolding endlessly in every direction.

To faithfully capture the full essence of these remarkable noise performances on cassette, all duplications were made using the legendary ‘80s cassette deck, Nakamichi ZX-7.