OCHU "Lähmung Des Wartens" 12"


Continuing the themes surrounding "Unproduktiw", this time set in a maritime context. A tedious reality of qualm and levitation, lodged in the borderlands between the infinite and the conclusion. A partly accidental sound diary with ties to deep water, daydreaming and the futile attempts to create contentment with life under the omen of declining years. The clutching at straws and the stillness that enters when there is no remedy.

Though occationally chaotic, this new EP is rather restrained throughout, less layered and treading a line between peculiar exploration and restful boredom. Sifting through the debris of the beach, the tactile screech of derelict bunkers and incessant waves that makes the hull creak. The distance to the abyss.

Thanks are due to "Blasphemous Rumours" by the Nocturnal Emissions.

Edition of 239 copies in printed and hand stamped color sleeves with manilla tag and two inserts.

Released 5/12 2022.

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