K2 / ASTRO / V​.​O​.​E​.​R. - Subconscious Error CD


Subconscious Error features once again prominent 80's Japanese noise artist Hiroshi Hasegawa (this time with Rohco as ASTRO) and Krister Bergman as V.O.E.R. (Vestige Of Earthly Remains), which is an almost similar lineup as Cryptic Void that was released in 2013 featuring Hiroshi Hasegawa and Positive Adjustments. This time, we are joined by another artist, K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka) who is also another renowned Japanese harsh noise artist since the 80's and a master manipulator of analog electronics and junk-noise maestro.

Subconscious Error consists of a total of 6 tracks with 2 tracks featuring each artist. This release is a full-on assault on the senses as each artist unleashes their own unique style of noise manipulation that displays varying levels of frequencies, harshness and intensities.

K2 kicks off the album in his signature style using modular and semi-modular synths. He spews out a wide range of high-pitch noise squalls and blankets of feedback that consist of layers of raw pulsating screeches and droning buzzes. The noise intensities build up very quickly from the overlapping of these individual elements of sound that weave in and out incessantly throughout the entirety of the tracks.

Up next is ASTRO, and the duo (made up of Hiroshi Hasegawa & Rohco) deliver a walled avalanche of abrasive howls from utilising electronics and an electric violin. These heavy enveloping torrent of reveberations sound like bellowing echos from wind tunnels. This is further intensified by the fluctuating waves of high and low frequencies that gush and then crash like collapsing tides.

The tracks by V.O.E.R. are slightly more varied, featuring lower frequencies of interruptive noise, quiet ambient parts at some intervals and blasts of harsh noise. Violent screams and distorted vocals by Krister Bergman and UK experimental / industrial artist Primitive Knot recite William Blake, and they ebb and flow in the background with engulfing fluidity within the tracks.

Subconscious Error showcases the strengths and unique styles of each artist through their own methodology of gear manipulation and equipment improvisation. This album highlights the creative essence of each artist and presents their personal approach towards delivering an audio landscape of chaos in a medium that they are masters of.

K2 - All titles de-composed & played by K2. Recorded at Oncosonik Laboratory, Aug - Oct 2019. Mixed by K2, Oct 20, 2019. K2 plays modular and semi-modular synths and some effects.
ASTRO - Mixed and mastered by HH at Koenji-Minami Studio, Tokyo Japan in May 2019.
Hiroshi Hasegawa (Electronics)
Rohco (Electric Violin, Electronics)
V.O.E.R. - Created 2019/2020. Music and Voice by Krister SB. Vocals by Primitive Knot. Lyrics by William Blake.
released June 30, 2020