Azoikum - R.R.R 7"

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From Self Abuse Murder chase.series:

Azoikum – R.R.R. is an avant-garde band project that pushes the boundaries of musical experimentation and innovation. Comprised of a collective of talented musicians and artists, Azoikum – R.R.R. stands at the forefront of the avant-garde music scene, crafting a unique and mesmerizing sonic experience for their listeners.

The project's name, Azoikum – , reflects its distinctive and enigmatic nature. "Azoikum" refers to the geological term for the prehistoric era in which life did not exist, signifying a departure from conventional musical norms and a journey into uncharted sonic landscapes. The acronym "R.R.R." hints at the project's "Revelation, Revolution, and Rebirth" core philosophy, encapsulating their commitment to challenging established norms and constantly evolving their artistic expression.