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11 new songs about dispossession, disembodiment and dissolution for another ice age.

The prudent and sovereign unchain themselves from the social zombie and head for the exit.
They liquidate anachronisms and reshape matter into objects of pure fluid desire extending the human project beyond the limits of death and flesh.

For the losers and left-behinds, nothing remains of what they were once forced to share as they face a future among the ruins.
They tear it all down in their impotent fury, the heat from a dying sun making them ever more sick. No exit, no voice, no loyalty.

So dissipate and grow cold as Antarctica, the seabed and the asteroid belt.
Fortune favours those who calculate.
Cold by nature and cold by destination

Recorded between 2020 – 2022.
With guest appearances from Abscheu, Alice Deptiva, Ever Orchid and Hermann Kopp.
Double CD in a 6 Panel Digipack + 8 Page Booklet
Unrest Productions 2022